Private Vs Govt Health Insurance Plans: Things To Know?

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Govt Insurance Plans

Government health insurance plans primarily focus on economically vulnerable people. As a result, they are heavily subsidised or free. 



Private health insurance plans are open to all individuals, whereas government plans have specific eligibility criteria.


Private insurers decide premiums based on age, region total insured, and other risk variables; Govt plans are subsidised, so premiums are low.

Health Insurance


Private insurers provide customers with tailored coverage, but government policies have a uniform basic coverage centred on critical healthcare.


Regular health insurance policies allow customers to get treatment from their preferred hospitals and healthcare providers. Government plans have established provider networks as outlined in the scheme.

Pre-Existing Conditions

Regular health plans may exclude pre-existing medical issues from coverage for the first 2-4 years. Government policies cover pre-existing diseases without extensive waiting periods.

Compiled By Himani Verma

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