Must-Visit Places in Shimla For Elderly Travellers

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Shimla's charming colonial architecture, breathtaking landscapes, and pleasant climate make it an ideal retreat for people of all ages.

The Ridge

This spacious open space offers a gentle promenade, allowing visitors to stroll at their own pace and enjoy the fresh mountain air.

Mall Road

The flat terrain of Mall Road makes it easily accessible for those with mobility challenges, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Jakhu Temple

Dedicated to Lord Hanuman, this ancient temple is situated atop Jakhu Hill, the highest point in Shimla. 

Christ Church

Constructed in the neo-Gothic style, this church is the second oldest in North India and boasts stunning stained glass windows that add to its architectural splendour. 

Viceregal Lodge

The sprawling gardens and well-maintained lawns provide a peaceful environment to take a stroll and appreciate the regal charm.


Layering is essential, encompassing thermal wear and warm jackets, ensuring adaptability to fluctuating temperatures.

Compiled By Himani Verma

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