Health Gadgets Seniors Must Have At Home

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Having a digital BP monitoring machine at home can help you keep a regular watch on you blood pressure-related issues.

Fitness Cum Health Watch

Choose a watch with an inbuilt oximeter, and features for monitoring heartbeat, respiration, activity, reminder settings for medicines, fall detection and alert, BP check, instant ECG.

Security Camera

A security camera inside your home and on the main door can help you stay safe when you live alone.

Glucose Monitoring

Diabetes is common in old age. Look for devices which come with longer warranty and service support.

AI Devices

Nowadays, some gadgets come with artificial intelligence, such as robot companions, tablet devices, speaker systems, etc.

Other Devices

You may also get devices such as pill dispensers, body massagers, electronic thermometers, etc.

Compiled By Himani Verma

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