8 Tips For Seniors Planning A Safari Trip

Outlook Money

Health & Fitness

Get a complete medical check-up from a doctor and consider medical conditions like allergies, diabetes, etc., if you have any.

Getting cautionary chek-up

Choose The Right Safari

Choose a place with accommodation facilities and a sustainable vehicle that feels comfortable.

Safari with proper planning & reservations


Include different activities and sights in your itinerary; be more diverse in exploring the destination.

keeping a pre-planned itinerary of places to visit and diversifying it

Physical Limitations

Remember your physical limitations and consider problems you could face, like body pain or fatigue, so it doesn't hinder your travels.

Considering your limitations and making suitable arrangement


Adventure safaris can be tiring for older people, so take proper care of what you eat and drink.

Keeping yourself hydrated and nourished for energy


Follow the guidelines and respect the wildlife and the creatures to avoid rule violations and for your safety.

Following regulations and respecting the wild life

Embrace The Experience

Nature and wildlife are excellent ways to reconnect with yourself and hit the reset button from the city's fast life.

Disconnecting from others & reconnecting with self

Flexible Schedule

Exploring is an excellent way to enjoy your trip; however, take time to soak in the beauty. A hectic schedule will make you feel more tired.

Compiled By Himani Verma

Keeping a loose schedule to avoid being in a hurry

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