8 Things to Know About A Legal Heir Certificate

Versha Jain

What Is A Legal Heir Certificate?

It is a legal document certifying a deceased person's rightful heirs.

Legal Heir Certificate

Who Issues The Certificate?

After obtaining the death certificate, a legal heir certificate is issued by the taluk or the tahsildar office or a district civil court.

District Civil Court

Documents Required

The eligible applicant must produce the deceased person's death certificate and identification proof to obtain the certificate.

Necessary Documents

How Long It Takes

After completing all formalities, it takes 30-45 days to obtain the certificate.

process completion

Why Is The Certificate Required?

A legal heir certificate is required to settle insurance claims, bank accounts, receive pensions of a deceased employee, etc.

Settling personal affairs of the owner

Absence Of A Will

If someone dies without a will, their assets will be passed to their legal heirs under the Hindu Succession Act 1956.

In Case of no will

Prevents Dispute

A legal heir certificate can help avoid family disputes over the diseased person's possessions.

Family Disputes

Settlement Of Affairs

The certificate is necessary for insurance settlements, bank account closures, investments, legal heir transfers, electricity and phone connection transfers, house tax payments, etc.

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