8 Things To Consider When Making A Will

Amit Sethi

When To Make A Will

There is no perfect time for making a Will, so plan it early, possibly from the start of your career, as life is uncertain.

Time To Retire

Evidentiary Value

A Will's evidentiary value increases after registration, allowing the beneficiary to enforce the testator's intent through their will.

Register your will

Property Distribution

Ensure fair distribution of assets among family members to avoid disputes.

Property Distribution

Post-Death Circumstances

The Will should address post-death circumstances, ensuring it remains effective when the person is no more.

In case of post death circumstances

Estate Planning Option

Estate planning offers various legal tools like a Will, nominations, gifts and trusts.

panning your estate

Power Of Attorney

It is a written authorisation, also called a letter of attorney, to act on behalf of a person in private, business, and legal matters.

Giving authority of your decisions

Revisions Of Will

You can revise a Will any number of times; the latest revision will replace the previous one.

Revisable any number of times

Legal Advise

Ensure you follow all the legal requirements for your chosen estate planning option.

Compiled By Himani Verma

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