8 Things Seniors Should Consider For A High-Altitude Trip

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When travelling to a high-altitude town or a village, get an idea of the place before you start the trip to prepare yourself.

Altitude Sickness

High altitudes challenge the human body due to low oxygen levels, so consider it before choosing a destination.


Elderly travellers require more time for their bodies to adjust to a new place. Acclimatisation grants them the time to adapt.

Better Experience

By pacing the ascent and allowing time for adaptation, seniors can enjoy their journey without compromising their health.

Health Risks

Without acclimatisation, cardiovascular and respiratory issues can exacerbate due to high altitude.


By acclimating slowly, elderly travellers can savour the breathtaking landscapes and engage in activities.


Acclimatisation to a high-altitude region can foster long-term health benefits for senior travellers.


The exposure to varying altitudes serves as exercise for the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Compiled By Himani Verma

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