8 Reasons Why Critical Illness Insurance Policy Is A Must For Seniors

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What Is A Critical Illness Insurance Policy?

Unlike a comprehensive health insurance policy that covers all hospitalisation costs, it provides a lump sum amount to the insured.

Health Insurance

Lump Sum Payment

It provides senior citizens with a lump sum amount for severe illnesses to enable them to cover their medical expenses.

lump sum payment

Who Should Buy The Plan?

A critical illness insurance policy is crucial for everyone, especially seniors who are more susceptible to diseases due to old age.

Senior citizens

Policy Premiums

Critical illness policy premiums can vary based on the age, sum insured, diseases covered, waiting and the survival period.

Insurance Premium

Added Benefits

It also covers costs for cancer reconstructive surgery, cardiac nursing, physiotherapy, health check-ups, pre and post-hospitalisation, etc.

coverage benefits

Policy Renewals

The policy can be renewed for a lifetime, meaning there is no exit age.

Renewal Policy


These plans may have exclusions, like self-inflicted injuries, substance abuse, HIV infection, cosmetic treatments, and congenital ailments.

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Check Policy Details

Subscribers must check policy details on covered diseases, survival, medical history, and other terms and conditions.

Compiled By Himani Verma

check policy details

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