8 Reasons Accepted For Claiming An EPF Advance

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Buy Or Construct A House

EPFO allows withdrawals to purchase or construct a house or buy a plot for home construction if the member doesn't own a house.

Real Estate

Loan Repayment

It allows withdrawals to refund a loan's outstanding principal and interest from a nationalised bank.



If an employee loses a job due to a company closure can claim an advance under the EPFO rules.



If the employee needs medical treatment can withdraw by filing form 31 and a certificate from the doctor with employer's signature.

Medical Treatment


One can take an advance for the marriage of a sibling, children or self, provided the account has been open for over seven years.

Children's Education

It allows withdrawals for children's education by filing form 31 and submitting a cost estimate from the institution head.

Education Loan

Physical Disability

It allows withdrawals to purchases equipment that reduces hardship because of being handicapped.


Before Retirement

One can withdraw up to 90% of the EPF fund by filing form 31 if the member is over the age of 54.

Compiled By Himani Verma

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