7 Things To Know About Haryana Old Age Pension Scheme

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The Haryana government provides the old-age pension scheme called the Old Age Samman Allowance (OPSA).

Senior Citizens

Pension Amount

Under the scheme, the government pays a monthly pension of Rs. 2,500 to senior citizens.

Standard Pension Amount


The scheme covers people from the below poverty line households, farmers, wage workers, artisans, and reserved communities.



To be eligible for the pension, the beneficiary needs to be a permanent resident of Haryana, over 60 years of age, and with an annual income below Rs 2 lakh.

Eligibility Criterion

Key Benefits

The pension scheme allows financial security and regular income, and incorporates a broader section of society.

Listing Benefit


The scheme also provides much-needed relief to daily wage workers and labourers who barely manage their living costs from their meagre income. It also reduces their dependency on children for financial requirements.

Money Savings scheme

Unrecognised Sectors

Small and marginals farmers as well as local artisans whose livelihood depends on tourism benefit the most as they have no option or knowledge to invest or build a corpus.

Artisans Of Haryana

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