7 Things To Know About Credit Score

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For Loans

Your credit score is one of the key considerations for lenders when applying for a loan.


A credit score above 750 is deemed to be a good score, suggesting you have paid all your past loans on time.

Average Rating

Anything between 600 and 750 is considered average rating, which can still help you get a loan.

Bad Score

A score below 600 is deemed to be a poor credit rating; considered untrustworthy for a loan.

Good Credit Score For Seniors

A good credit score post-retirement can help seniors access funds for unforeseen emergencies.

Starting A Business

A high credit rating can help you get a loan for your business.

House Renovation or Relocation

House renovation or relocation can cost a lot of money, so a good credit score will help access funds for such tasks. 

Compiled By Himani Verma

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