7 Things To Know About Balanced Life Cycle Fund In NPS

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Equity Exposure

The Pension Fund Regulatory Development Authority plans to launch a new balanced life cycle fund, which will start tapering equity exposure after the subscriber reaches 45, extended by 10 more years.

Auto Choice

In the existing life cycle fund, the tapering of equity exposure starts at 35 in the Auto-choice mode. It continues to reduce until age 55.

Active choice

In active choice, the maximum equity allocation is 75 per cent up to 50 years; after that, it tapers down. At 60 and above, a subscriber can allocate up to 50 per cent in equity in active choice.

Types Of Funds

NPS offers three life cycle funds based on the subscribers' risk tolerance.

Life Cycle 75 or Aggressive Fund 

It allocates up to 75 per cent in equity, the highest percentage, until 35; at 45 years, it reduces to 35 per cent; and at 55 and above, it is 15 per cent.

Invest in 40s

Life Cycle 50 or Moderate Fund

In this plan, the maximum equity allocation up to 35 years is 50 per cent; at 45, it is 30 per cent; and at 55 and above, it is 10 per cent.

Investment Goals

Life Cycle 25 or Conservative Fund 

This plan allows a maximum equity exposure of 25 per cent up to 35 years of age, 15 per cent at 45, and 5 per cent at 55 and above.

Compiled By Himani Verma

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