7 Things Elderly Travellers Are Tired Of Hearing

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"Can You Handle This Trip At Your Age?"  

Age doesn't necessarily mean travel limitations as perceived, which undermines their capabilities and can be a significant issue.

Handle it?

"Shouldn't You Take It Easy At Your Age?"

Age shouldn't limit travel interests; elderly travellers can enjoy various experiences, from adventures to leisurely trips.

Ease up

"Isn't It Risky To Travel Alone At Your Age?"

The assumption of age vulnerability during travels can be discouraging despite the valuable advice and tips on staying safe.

Taking Risk

"You must have plenty of free time as you're retired."

Retirement doesn't imply unlimited free time; older people have diverse lives with hobbies and familial responsibilities.


"Isn't Travelling At Your Age Too Expensive?"

Financial constraints for travellers should not solely be based on age, as elderly travellers possess resourcefulness and planning abilities.


Underestimating someone

“You’re Too Old To Try That Activity Or Visit That Place.”

Age should never be a barrier to curiosity, exploration, or trying new things.


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