7 Fundamentals Of Retirement Planning

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What Is Retirement Planning?

It is a roadmap to achieving financial goals, like building a retirement corpus, ensuring cash flow, an emergency fund, etc. 


Benefit of Planning

It is vital for financial stability in old age, allowing you to enjoy a stress-free life and participate in recreational activities.

Advantage of retirement planning

Determining Corpus

It is important to set realistic goals considering factors like inflation, risk-taking capacity, health condition, savings and investment.


Emergency Fund

An emergency fund should cover at least six months of expenses. Store money in liquid instruments so you can withdraw it anytime. 

Emergency Fund

Diversify Portfolio

Diversify and review the portfolio regularly and seek help from a certified financial advisor to mitigate risks.

Diversified Investments

Cash Flow

Invest in instruments like the National Pension System, Senior Citizen Savings Scheme, or fixed deposits for regular income.

Cash Flow


Consider health and life insurance plans to ensure the family's financial security in retirement.


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