6 Reasons To Factor In Inflation In Retirement Planning

Himani Verma

Need For Inflation Buffer

Ensure you do not run out of funds by making a proper plan with realistic numbers and updating it periodically or at a major life event.

Review frequently

Lifestyle Changes

If your income does not increase in line with inflation, your living standard may drop. 

Maintaining your current lifestyle

Purchasing Power

If inflation spikes significantly, the cost of living will increase, adversely impacting the retirement corpus. 

Save more for bigger purchasing power

Reduced Value Of Assets

Many retirees depend on fixed-income sources like bonds, pensions, and annuities. These incomes may lose value due to inflation.

Low Value of assets

Fill Gaps

Individuals who factor in inflation and fill the gaps in their plans are less likely to struggle financially post-retirement.

Filling Gaps

Real Numbers

Properly calculate your expenses to get a more accurate corpus target.

Compiled By Himani Verma


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