5 Tips For Elderly Travellers To Combat Post-Travel Exhaustion

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Post-Travel Exhaustion

Post-travel exhaustion can overshadow the excitement. Long journeys and time zone changes, can make you feel energy drained.

Listen To Your Body

The most crucial step is acknowledging your fatigue. Consider using relaxation techniques like deep breathing, meditation before bed.

Hydrate And Nourish

Dehydration can worsen fatigue. Drink plenty of water, and avoid excessive caffeine and alcohol, which can dehydrate. 

Avoid Overscheduling

Ease back into your regular schedule instead of catching up on things as fast as you can. Limit your routine to most important things.

Stay Connected With Friends

Socialising can give you an energy boost whereas loneliness make your body feel more lazy and tired. Try to go for activities that may include a stroll in the park.

Jet Lag

Get plenty of sunlight and avoid bright screens in the evening.

Small Activities

Avoid big commitments and take part in activities that does not require long hours of your days.

Consult Doctor

If jet lag is severe, consider consulting your doctor about using melatonin supplements to facilitate sleep regulation.

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