5 Things Elderly Travellers Should Know Before A Ladakh Trip

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Ladakh boasts breathtaking landscapes, but its high altitude (most frequented areas range from 3,000 to 5,000 meters) presents a significant challenge. 

Embrace The Adventure

Ladakh’s beauty lies in its dramatic landscapes—think winding mountain roads, remote villages, and stunning valleys.

Pack For All Seasons

Ladakh’s weather can be unpredictable. Days can be pleasantly warm under the bright sun, but nights can get surprisingly chilly, especially at higher altitudes. 

Amenities Are Limited

Ladakh is not a place for luxurious accommodations and five-star dining. Accommodation options range from comfortable guesthouses to basic homestays. 

Slower Is Better Here

Unlike bustling cities, Ladakh thrives on a slower pace. Transportation can be slow, with long journeys on winding mountain roads. 

Compiled BY Himani Verma

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