Know About Saarthi 2.0; Sebi’s New App For Investors

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Saarthi 2.0 App

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) has introduced a mobile application ‘Saarthi 2.0' on personal finance, for investors. The app provides comprehensive tools that simplify difficult financial terminologies and concepts.

Saarthi 2.0 App

App Features

The app provides a financial calculator, modules, KYC explanations and procedures, information related to mutual funds, buying and selling shares on the stock market, a grievances redressal mechanism, and an Online Dispute Resolution platform.

User Interface

The app has a user-friendly interface and features a wide range of videos which are designed to assist investors in their personal finance planning. 

User Interface

How To Download The App

The app can easily be downloaded on Google Play Store for Android devices and/or the iOS AppStore for Apple mobile phones.

Some Guiding Options In The App

1. Investor Education Material: Under this page, a booklet on the securities market, presentations, primary & secondary markets, mutual funds, and investment advisors, are found. This is helpful to the investors.  

Investor material

2. Financial Education Materials

The app provides a financial education booklet, a student’s guide to money called ‘pocket money’, a handbook for school children -Meljol, and workshop material.

Financial Education

3. Policy Documents

Under this, comprehensive details on the ‘National Strategy for Financial Education’ for last year and the upcoming financial year are provided.

Policy Documents