Untold Truths For Insurance Policyholders

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Insurance Policyholders should keep in mind several important points to navigate through their insurance claims journey effectively.


1. Untold Truths: Proposal Form

The proposal form is the cornerstone and most important document of the entire insurance process. It is important to mention all the medical conditions in the proposal form and not be casual about it. 

Proposal Form

2. Onset Of Diseases

Although, policyholders are not bound to inform their insurers about the onset of any diseases while purchasing the policy doing so can help when making claims. This can be done via emails to their customer care ID or during policy renewals.


3. History Of Diseases

It is very important to educate the immediate family members about the history of diseases. One should also Inform them about all declarations or information communicated at the time of purchasing the policy. Otherwise, it can pose problems.

history of diseases

4. Insurance Plans

One should not entirely rely on cheap insurance plans, as these are usually one-year plans. One should also not purchase comprehensive personal insurance policies.

Insurance Policy

5. Day-Care Procedures

In view of the advancements in medical technologies, one should choose policies with no limits on number of day-care procedures covered. 

Day-Care Procedures

6. Insurance Act

All policyholders should be aware that under Section 45 of the Insurance Act, death benefits cannot be rejected in term insurance after three years of continuous renewal. 

Insurance Act

7. Cashless Hospitalisation

It is not an emergency feature. It depends on how the hospital submits documents to the insurer and typically takes around one to six hours, and can even take a day. 

Compiled by Syed Muskan

Cashless Hospitalisation