Open e-Insurance Account And Convert Physical Policies To e-Insurance

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e-Insurance Account

India (IRDAI) has mandated that all new insurance policies should be issued in electronic form. Policyholders now need to open an e-Insurance Account (eIA) to store and access these insurance policies digitally.



The transition to e-insurance eliminates the need for cumbersome paperwork and provides a one-stop platform for viewing, downloading, and managing all policies in one single window.

Reduces Risk Of Document Loss 

It reduces the risk of document loss and simplifies the process of updating details such as contact details, and address details across multiple policies.


Converting Existing Policies to e-Insurance

The first step is to open an eIA where you can hold the digital policies. 



Start with downloading and filling out the form from repositories like CAMS, Karvy, or the Central Insurance Repository of India. Submit the form with KYC documents. 


Steps follow with filing the NDML form at Then submit the documents to an approved person. After verification, the eIA becomes operational within seven days. The repository communicates your e-c Account number, login ID, and instructions to set your password for digital access to your insurance policies.

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Fill Conversion Form

Once the e-Insurance Account is created, fill out a separate Policy Conversion Form for insurance policies of different companies. 

Submit The Form

Submit the completed conversion form separately or along with the eIA opening form to the nearest approved person or insurance branch office. Upon successful completion of the conversion, policyholders receive confirmation.