Keep These Key Factors In Mind Before Buying Global Health Insurance

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Global Health Insurance

It offers access to medical care abroad in most of the developed nations, ensuring people can receive treatment wherever they are, thus, ensuring peace of mind. 


Who Should Opt For This policy?

Global trotters who are frequently on tour for tourism or recreational travel should keep a comprehensive global health insurance plan. Many who go to study abroad can opt for a student travel insurance plan as it covers health, accidents, and other major travel risks. 

Insurance Plan

How Does It Differ from Regular Health Insurance Plans?

It differs from the Regular Health Plans in terms of the coverage it gives outside India as it allows the insured to seek planned medical treatments at renowned medical facilities across the globe, which is otherwise not covered under a regular plan.

Regular Health Insurance

Key things to Keep in Mind:

Ensure that the enlisted network of hospitals in global health insurance plans is wide-ranging and the service providers are of international repute. 


Understand the scope of coverage

Consumers need to understand the list of countries where coverage is available or extended. One must ensure that the plan covers all the countries that are on the travel list.


Cost and Premiums

Compare the cost and premium of the policy and choose the plan that offers both adequacy and affordability. 


Financial Security

Before buying any global health insurance policy, check whether the plan offers cashless or reimbursement-based coverage.