Boost Your Term Insurance Cover Regularly: Pros And Cons

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Boost Term Insurance Cover Regularly

In a move to protect family, as much as investment portfolios, it’s also important to review insurance portfolios on a regular basis. According to experts, one must boost the term insurance plan regularly.

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Why Should One Boost The Insurance Regularly?

Considering inflation and rising living standards, buying a term insurance plan that takes care of it is advisable. Since term insurance is pure risk cover, it is generally cheaper than other life insurance products.

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Financial Security

Boosting term insurance can lead to increased financial security for loved ones and ensure that they have adequate funds to fulfill their expenses. It provides an ability to adjust as per different life stages that an individual goes through.


Event Of Death

In the event of death within the policy term, the family receives the full sum assured irrespective of the number of pending premiums. An important feature of a term plan is that it offers a big sum assured.

Term Policy

High Coverage and Inheritance

It allows one to leave an inheritance while ensuring that any outstanding debts and expenses are paid off in case of the death of the insured. One should buy term insurance at an early age that will enable you to get high coverage at lower premiums.


The only flipside is that the higher sum insured comes at a higher price, but it is worth paying that higher price as it will still be cheaper than other insurance plans.

Compiled by Syed Muskan