8 Things To Know About EV Motor Battery Secure Add-On Insurance

Syed Muskan

Battery Add On Insurance 

Electric Vehicle (EV) and Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) owners in India can avail of an insurance product specifically designed for their batteries. 


Insurance products for Batteries Fall Under the Battery Warranty 

Battery warranties ensure that if the battery fails prematurely or doesn't perform as expected, replacement or repair can be done at no additional cost


Battery Insurance

Battery insurance protects against various risks, such as theft, damage, or unexpected loss of capacity. It provides financial protection to EV owners

Battery Insurance


The battery product add-on covers a traction battery, which powers the vehicle’s movement and differs from the starting/ignition batteries.


EVs And HEVs

Insurance coverage can vary for EVs and HEVs, this may differ based on factors, such as the vehicle’s make and model, the battery capacity, and the specific insurance policy

Insurance coverage

Claim For Battery-Related Issue 

It's important to claim the battery-related issue but contacting the insurance provider and providing information like policy number



If the battery charging or battery health is not done or maintained as per original equipment guidelines, or any repair has been carried out from any unauthorised place without prior approval, it could lead to a claim rejection

Compiled by Syed Muskan