7 Best Add-On Car Insurance Covers

Ashwini Dubey

What Are Add-Ons In Car Insurance?

Add-ons are features aded in a vehicle insurance policy to ensure comprehensive protection.

What Are Add-Ons In Car Insurance?

Zero Depreciation Cover

This add-on ensures policyholders receive a higher claim amount.

Zero Depreciation Cover

Roadside Assistance Cover

It provides a safety net by arranging for necessary service and mechanic when an accident occurs.

Cover for Emergency Assistance

Consumables Cover

It offers the insured to reimburse additional expenses for consumables like bolts, coolants, and grease during repair.

Supplementary cover for repairs

No-Claim Bonus Protection Cover

It is a five-year insurance policy benefit for policyholders who haven't filed a single claim, offering an attractive discount on premiums.

No-Claim Bonus

Engine Protection Cover

It provides insurance against non-accidental damages caused by issues like oil spills or water ingressions.

cover to protect Engine

Tyre Protection Cover

It covers tire damages, burst or cut damage, labor charges and replacement cost.

Protection of Tyre

Return To Invoice Cover

The policyholder is covered for the market value of a car after it's driven out of the showroom, providing protection against total loss.

Compiled By Himani Verma

cover against Total Loss

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