What Is NAV In Mutual Funds

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What Is NAV?

It is the net asset value of a mutual fund; the performance of an MF scheme is measured by its NAV per unit.

Net Asset Value

How is NAV Determined?

It is calculated by dividing the market value of the securities in a plan by the scheme's total units on a specific date.

Calculating NAV

Changes In NAV

The daily fluctuations in the securities' market value result in changes in the NAV.

Value of Nav

Where To Check NAV?

The NAVs of mutual fund schemes are released on the websites of the individual mutual funds and AMFI daily.

Available on Amfi Website

NAV Updates

NAVs for mutual fund schemes are announced at the end of each trading day, unlike equities, which fluctuate each minute.

Stock VS Mutual

Mutual Fund Units

Mutual fund schemes allocate units based on the latest NAV.

Prospective Units

MF Applications

MF applications are accepted even after the market closes, but the units will be issued based on the NAV of the next business day.

End of the Day


Redemption of mutual fund units is subject to the same cutoff time for NAV changes.

Source: AMFI

Compiled By Himani Verma

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