Know About Top Mutual Funds For SIP In 2024

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Large Cap Funds

Nippon India Large Cap Fund gets its position as the top performer in the large-cap segment. This fund has delivered the highest three-year return in the category (26.32 per cent) and a five-year return of 17.90 per cent.


HDFC Top 100 Fund

HDFC Top 100 Fund secured its position among the top performers in the large-cap category because of its 3-year returns of 22.36 per cent. Over the past year, the fund returned a robust 35.85 per cent and has a five-year return of 15.88 per cent highlighting its consistent performance over time.


ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund

ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund, with the largest daily AUM of Rs 53,168.46 Crores comes with the third highest return if we take 3-year returns or 5-year returns.

ICICI Prudential

JM Large Cap FundLarge Cap Fund

JM Large Cap Fund emerged as a top performer in the large-cap category Over the past year, the fund delivered an impressive 43.29 per cent. Its three-year return of 21.15 per cent and five-year returns of 17.56 per cent are also among the top five performances in these timeframes.

Large Cap Fund

Baroda BNP Paribas Large Cap Fund

Baroda BNP Paribas Large Cap Fund has emerged as the best performer in the 5-year returns of the large-cap category. Over five years, it has delivered the highest in-category return of 18.72 per cent.

Large Cap Fund

Funds in the large and mid-cap category;

Quant Large and Mid Cap Fund undoubtedly secure the top spot in the large and mid-cap category, as it boasts the highest returns in one year, three years, five years or even a decade.

mid-cap category

2. Bandhan Core Equity Fund

Bandhan Core Equity Fund emerged as a strong contender in this segment as it delivered robust returns to investors across time frames. With a one-year return of 54.79 per cent, the fund became a second second-best performer in one year.

Equity Funds