8 Things To Know About Bharat Bond ETF

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What Is Bharat Bond ETF?

It is a government-backed exchange-traded fund that tracks the Nifty Bharat Bond Index.

Bharat Bond ETF

Low-Risk Profile

Bharat Bond ETF has low risk as it invests in debt instruments of AAA-rated public-sector firms.

Risk Profile

Different From Fixed-Maturity Products

It is different from target and fixed-maturity products as it has market makers in the stock exchanges to create liquidity for investors.


Strict Quality Mandate

It has a strict quality mandate and does not invest in debt instruments other than AAA-rated assets.

Strict Mandate

Lower Expense Ratio

It has the lowest expense ratio of 0.0005%.

Expense Ratio


It has the support of market makers, so liquidity is not a challenge.



One must stay invested for the entire tenure until it matures.

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