Best Short-Term Investment Options For You

Outlook Money

Bank FD

Tenures range from 7 days to 10 years, with guaranteed competitive returns.

Fixed Deposits

Recurring Deposit

Offers a fixed interest rate for a specific tenure; it can be as short as six months to 10 years. It suits those who want to invest small sums of money regularly.

Recurring Deposit

Arbitrage Fund

It is a short-term, low-risk, and tax-efficient equity MF that exploits the price difference in cash/futures markets for returns.

Arbitrage Fund

Short-Term Debt MF

It invests in fixed-income securities, like govt and corporate bonds and commercial papers that are less volatile than equities.

Short-Term Debt MF

Liquid MF

Offers higher returns than bank savings accounts with no lock-in period or exit load and invests in money market instruments and debt securities.

Liquid Mutual Fund

Corporate FD

Offered by NBFCs and corporations with higher interest rates than bank FDs, and comes with a slightly higher risk.

Corporate fixed deposit