8 Things To Know About Gold ETFs

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What Are Gold ETFs?

Gold Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) offer investors liquidity and gold's intrinsic value, helping them to diversify their investment portfolio.

Gold Exchange Traded Funds

Convenient To Store

Gold ETFs offer investors convenience as there is no storage or delivery hassles, and gains from gold's price movements.

No Storage Issue

Purity & Price

Gold ETFs are backed by 99.5 percent purity gold bars.

Pure Gold Investment

Where & How To Buy?

Gold ETFs are traded on BSE & NSE stock exchanges, but you will need a broker and a demat account to trade.

Bombay Stock Exchange / National Stock Exchange

Different From Physical Gold

Gold ETFs offer fractional ownership of the yellow metal compared to physical gold, besides flexibility, liquidity.

Easily Sold On The Market

Benefits Of Gold ETFs

Gold ETFs act as a hedge against market volatility because of their liquidity, efficiency, and diversification.

Liquid, Diverse & Tax Efficient


Investing in Gold ETFs requires knowledge of expense ratios, tracking errors, market conditions, security, and physical gold holdings.

Understanding The Market

How To Redeem ETFs

Gold ETFs can be redeemed in the form of physical gold, allowing investors to capitalise on gold price movements.

Compiled by Himani Verma

Capitalizing on gold price movement