7 Things Senior Citizens Should Consider Before Investing In ELSS

Outlook Money


ELSS has the shortest lock-in period compared to other tax-saving options in the market.

Risk Appetite

ELSS funds primarily invest in equity and can be volatile in the short term.

ELSS funds

Consistent Returns

Consistent returns are more important than a record return in a particular year

Mutual Funds


ELSS funds will help diversify your investment portfolio and mitigate risks.

SIP or Lumpsum Investment

Given the volatile nature of equity markets, a staggered investment approach could be beneficial.

Expense Ratio

Compare the ELSS funds for expense ratio. The lower the expense ratio, the better.

Prevents Premature Exits

ELSS funds safeguard against impulsive investment decisions and prevent premature exits, promoting disciplined investing.

Compiled By Manas Malhotra