8 Things Seniors Should Consider Before Buying Digital Gold

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Easy To Buy and Sell

Digital gold is easy to buy and sell as it can be done online, offering convenience, unlike visiting a physical store to purchase gold.

Buy and Sell


There is no storage hassle or safety issue with digital gold as the seller keeps the gold in the vaults on the buyer’s behalf.

Gold Storage


One can invest in digital gold with as little as Rs. 1, offering a viable option for small investors.

Gold Investment


A 3 per cent Goods and Service Tax (GST) is levied on digital gold sales.



Although digital gold is liquid and can be sold anytime, loans against these assets may not be widely available.



Seniors may require help to buy and sell digital gold if they are not tech-savvy since the process is through mobile apps and websites.


Storage Period

They should always confirm from the seller the free storage period and the charges after that.

Time Limit

No Regulatory Body

Digital gold does not come in the purview of any regulatory body, unlike other gold investments.

Compiled By Avijit Gupta