Things To Keep In Mind Buying Gemstones

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Buying Gemstone

Buying gemstones is a huge investment financially, and if one believes in the astrological benefits of gemstones, it has an emotional attachment, too.

Buying Gemstone

4 Cs To Understand Quality Of Gemstone

1] Carat: Carat is the first “C” and it refers to the measuring unit of weight of the gemstone. It’s crucial to be aware of any treatments a gemstone has undergone, as it can have an impact on its value and long-term care.


2. Colour

Hue, tone, and saturation of a gemstone increase its attractiveness, but one should check if they have undergone treatment to enhance the colour. Treated stones are considered ineffective if one is buying them for astrological benefits.


3. Clarity

The clarity of a gemstone is synonymous with its purity. The clearer the gemstone, the purer and more expensive it is considered.


4. Cut

The way a gemstone is cut affects its sparkle and overall appearance. Cutting is done to transform rough crystals into stunning gemstones by giving them a specific shape and enhancing their lustre.

Cutting gemstone


The origin of gemstones affects its price. For instance, sapphires from Kashmir are pricier than those from Sri Lanka. One should always check the origin of the certificate before buying one.

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Ensure that the gemstone you are buying comes with a certification from a reputable gemological laboratory. The certificate should include details, such as the gemstone's name, weight, shape, refractive index, and dimensions. It should also feature a microscopic view of inclusions, if any.