9 Things To Know About Your Risk Appetite

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What Is Risk Appetite?

It is the aggregate of risks an individual is willing to take to achieve goals.

Risk Appetite

How To Know Your Risk Appetite?

One can measure it in three parts: risk required, risk capacity, and risk tolerance.

Risk Capacity

Risk Appetite Changes

Risk appetite does not remain constant; it changes with time.


Factors That Influence Risk Appetite

Risk appetite is the outcome of many factors.



Age can be a vital factor that can influence your risk appetite.


Financial Security

A person from a sound financial background would be more willing to take risks than someone without financial security.


Cash Flow

Consistent cash flow for life can turn a person from a moderate to aggressive investor. Conversely, fear of losing savings or having no income source in old age can turn people risk-averse.

cash flow

Financial Responsibilities

If there are family responsibilities, one would not be willing to make random investments and put everyone at risk.


Personal Traits

Personal traits, conditioning, and psychological factors can also influence risk appetite.

Personal traits

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