6 Financial Tips For Major Life Events

Outlook Money

1. Marriage

Build a joint financial plan, budget, save, and avoid overspending, invest wisely.


2. Children

Create an education fund, get child insurance, and make a will as per your wishes.

Children Education

3. Manage Crisis

Prepare for situations like a job loss. So, create an emergency fund, budget, reduce expenses, explore part-time work, and seek help.

Crisis Management Plan

4. Recession

Economic downturns can impact everyone, so diversify your investment portfolio, reassess financial goals, and enhance emergency funds to stay resilient.


5. Medical Emergency

Insurance is the bedrock of financial protection; hence, get a cover for health, life, and disability to weather unforeseen situations.

Medical Emergency

6. Review Plan

Do periodic reviews of your financial plan according to life circumstances. Be prepared and adapt to your financial goals.

Review Plan