Make Transactions With A Simple Tap Of Phone

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Near Field Communication technology (NFC)

Modern technologies allow users to conduct transactions without swiping cards or even scanning QR code at a point-of-sale (POS) terminal. This technology works using near field communication (NFC) using radio waves and does not require Internet connection. 


Effective Payments

To make NFC mobile payments effective, both the payer’s smartphone and the payment terminal at the shop must be equipped with NFC technology.

Effective Payment

Mobile Wallet

NFC mobile payments need mobile wallet applications or wallets installed in UPI applications for performing transactions.

Mobile Wallet

Hardware Component

NFC technology consists of a hardware component called a secure element that stores the credit card or debit card details and protects them from unauthorised access or tampering.

Hardware Component

How To Use: Step 1

The first step is to ensure that phone’s NFC is turned on by navigating it to settings and enabling it. Additionally, one should activate the contactless payments feature in banking app’s card settings and ensure the card details are authorised using OTP.


2. Setup Tap to Pay in UPI App

Access the Tap to Pay section from the UPI application's home screen, select the desired card, and authorise it if prompted.


3. Perform Tap & Pay Transaction

Unlock your phone and hold the back of it close to the payment reader at the PoS terminal. The Pay app will open automatically. After this, the payment can be initiated.

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