Linking Credit Card To UPI: Check Advantages And Disadvantages

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Easier Transactions

UPI has become the most preferred transaction channel for consumers for digital payments and linking credit cards to UPI makes transactions easier, but it comes with some risks.

Credit Card

Advantages: Multiple Transactions

By linking credit cards to UPI, all the transactions are reflected on the credit card instead of the bank account.



Linking a credit card to UPI offers convenience by allowing users to make seamless and quick transactions. Users can make payments directly from their credit card without the need for physical cards.



Some credit cards offer rewards, cashback, or other benefits for using UPI transactions linked to the credit card.


Disadvantages: Available On RuPay Credit Cards

The major drawback for many users in linking credit cards with UPI is that UPI is still not available on RuPay credit cards as Master Visa or American Express cards. 


Low Acceptance

As UPI is free, many merchants using the app have the option to disable the acceptance of credit card payments on UPI due to the charges involved in it.

Compiled by Syed Muskan

Low Acceptance