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High-Fee Premium Credit Card

High-Fee Premium Credit Card provides endless benefits for those who can afford them or who are eligible. Typical individual seeks travel, entertainment, dining, retail, and curated experiences, premium cards can help access these.

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Depending on the type of card, benefits may vary. For example, a certain bank has a tie-up with a luxury brand. So, one of the special joining benefits includes a luxury watch by that brand. Similarly, if it is an airline card, one can get an upgrade voucher or air miles. This means that people who are looking for specific, rational benefits may seek these cards.


Is A Premium Credit Card With A Large Annual Fee Worth It?

Evaluating whether a premium credit card with a large annual fee is worth includes calculating the value of rewards, sign-up bonuses, and perks like travel credits and lounge access and the annual fee they offer.


Annual Credits and Benefits Relevant to the Indian Market

For travel bookings and hotels, 3000 rupees are credited through the card.

Indian Markets

Dining Credit: 

Rs 1,200 per year is provided as Rs 100 per month for dining at partner restaurants under High-Fee Premium Credit Cards.


Lifestyle Membership: 

These cardholders are given a complimentary membership to a premium lifestyle club valued at Rs 2,500 per year.


BOGO On Movie Tickets: 

Normally one can either get one ticket free or get Rs 250 per month as a redeemable coupon code on the respective card.

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