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Kunal N Talgeri
DHL Supply Chain CEO Bruce Edwards and its head for the Asia-Pacific region Paul Graham Harris say that despite the slowdown, they remain committed to their company's Asian operations because of the region’s growth potential
Web | May 04, 2009
Udayan Ray
Of every Rs 100 that Indians spend on medical care, almost Rs 73 comes from the individual’s pocket and the rest from health insurance
Web | Mar 27, 2009
Sunit Arora
Ostentation is a question of good sense—especially in hard times
Web | Feb 27, 2009
Udayan Ray
Planning and discipline show the way to the right tax-saving investments
Web | Feb 12, 2009
Mohit Satyanand
The most prosperous countries in the world have largely been the ones most open to the rest of the world
Web | Feb 05, 2009
Udayan Ray
Life's uncertain and you had a late start. Now, go ahead, live your dreams
Web | Jan 23, 2009
Sebastian PT
Prem Chand Gupta, Union Minister for Company Affairs
Web | Jan 20, 2009
Sebastian PT
Satyam promoter’s confession letter could be a ploy to conceal siphoning of funds
Web | Jan 20, 2009
Ashish Gupta
Ved Jain, Chairman, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI)
Web | Jan 16, 2009
Udayan Ray
Like all crises, next year, too, will throw up too-good-to-miss opportunities
Web | Jan 14, 2009
Snigdha SenguptaTV Mahalingam 
Satyam's loss is its competitors' gain -- its customers start taking steps to move projects, taking employees along
Web | Jan 09, 2009
Snigdha Sengupta
A piece by piece sell-off is perhaps in the best interests of Satyam's 53,000 employees, creditors and shareholders.
Web | Jan 08, 2009
T V Mahalingam
Satyam's gaffe has undermined its standing in the industry. Chairman Raju should own up responsibility and resign
Web | Dec 24, 2008
Monika Halan
Eating pizza in an empty restaurant sets into motion a lesson in international economics, greed, fear and the markets
Web | Dec 19, 2008
Sebastian PT
Amar Singh, General Secretary, Samajwadi Party
Web | Dec 12, 2008
Ashish Gupta
The Rs 30,000-crore stimulus is too small for a country with a GDP in excess of a trillion dollars
Web | Dec 09, 2008
Siddhartha Sarma
The Mumbai terror attacks are symptomatic of the same problem that gives us an abysmal civic sense, traffic chaos and tax evasion
Web | Dec 05, 2008
Udayan Ray
History shows recovery is tough from crises triggered by housing market meltdowns
Web | Nov 25, 2008
Outlook Web Bureau
Take this short quiz to check out your awareness quotient of Bond films, actors, girls and sidelights
Web | Nov 14, 2008
Ashish Gupta
It will probably be nothing more than a waste of time and money. Expect no lasting solutions
Web | Nov 14, 2008