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Markets & Funds
Robert Shelton
Reverse innovation has its risks. Multinationals could mitigate them by learning a lesson or two from their own incubators.
Magazine | Feb 06, 2010
M AnandMahesh Nayak
Magazine | Nov 14, 2009
Snigdha Sengupta
These 21 private equity and venture capital fund managers have built a sparkling portfolio of deals. As they brace for another run, they pick their best so far.
Magazine | Oct 03, 2009
Snigdha Sengupta
Is capital truly global? Renuka Ramnath will find out soon enough as she reinvents ICICI Venture—yet again—into a truly global private equity investor
Magazine | Jun 14, 2008
Sharmistha ChakrabortyWashington DC
Like them or hate them, sovereign wealth funds are here to stay
Magazine | Feb 23, 2008
Sangita Shah
Forward markets commission’s proactive Chairman BC Khatua wants to usher in major reforms in agri-commodities trading. Never mind his occasional gaffes
Magazine | Jan 26, 2008
Sriram SrinivasanKS Vasanth
Never mind the doomsday forecast, the US sub-prime crisis may actually help the Indian KPO industry ride a multi-billion dollar opportunity
Magazine | Dec 29, 2007
M AnandRajiv BhuvaPrashant Mahesh
A fresh wave of global liquidity may push aside fears of a slowdown and keep markets roaring. But the money flow is also fuelling a huge emerging markets bubble
Magazine | Nov 03, 2007
Sangita Shah
Alternative funds, drunk on heady art portfolio returns, are yearning for a swig of fine wine
Magazine | Jul 05, 2007
Dhruv Rathi
A stock-taking of broker recommendations is revealing. Shares mostly went on a steep fall after brokers advised a buy and often climbed up after a sell guidance. Still, India is yet to penalise a broker or analyst for misguiding investors
Magazine | Jun 05, 2007
Nirav KhatriPrashant Mahesh
The clairyoyants on D-street say Sensex could touch 15,000
Magazine | Dec 05, 2006
Dhruv Rathi
Sterling sales performance of air conditioners seems to have changed the growth paradigm for Voltas—both the company as well as the brand
Magazine | Oct 05, 2006
Prashant MaheshNandita DattaRajiv Bhuva
India Inc is caught in the eye of a maelstrom: that of frenzied M&A activity and an intensified global interest in what looks like the new mec ca of deals
Magazine | Sep 05, 2006
Prashant Mahesh
A Day in the life of I-bankers who grease the wheels of those billion-dollar deals
Magazine | Sep 05, 2006
Rajiv Bhuva
Foreign funds look set to take the Indian mutual funds business beyond junior league
Magazine | Sep 05, 2006