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Sudipto Dey
Dinesh Keskar, who was appointed President of Boeing India in March, tells Sudipto Dey
Magazine | Jun 27, 2009
Sudipto Dey
SpiceJet is talking of acquiring another player. Given the airline industry’s sorry marital record, that is worrying
Magazine | Apr 04, 2009
Sudipto Dey
The Jet-Kingfisher marriage, announced with much fanfare, is yet to be consummated
Magazine | Mar 07, 2009
Sudipto Dey
Four operators banked on soaring air traffic and realty prices. Both have crashed, leaving them short of cash
Magazine | Feb 21, 2009
Sudipto DeyKunal Talgeri
Arch-rivals Vijay Mallya and Naresh Goyal have come together, but only because they both have a gun to their heads. How long will the marriage last?
Magazine | Nov 15, 2008
Sudipto Dey
No let-up in ATF prices means the turnaround in the airline industry, earlier projected for 2009, will get delayed. That spells bad news for the entire sector
Magazine | Jul 12, 2008
Sudipto Dey
Small airports are set to dot the country and will make a big difference to air connectivity. The bigger difference will be felt on the ground
Magazine | Apr 19, 2008
Sudipto Dey
The consolidation has begun, but a turnaround is still some way in the distance. Airlines are doing their two-bits, but any take-off depends on jet fuel prices coming down
Magazine | Feb 09, 2008
Sudipto Dey
Micro-jet makers and service providers are betting big on the booming private air travel market in India. A lot now rides on the augmentation of existing airport infrastructure and alternate airports
Magazine | Jan 26, 2008
Sudipto Dey
Think of size, and the two new airports at Bangalore and Hyderabad will overwhelm you. They promise a world-class experience, but roads may not match the pace
Magazine | Jan 12, 2008
Sudipto Dey
Swanky, state-of-the-art international airports are just around the corner for Bangalore and Hyderabad. But, the question is, how do you get there?
Magazine | Dec 15, 2007
Pummy Kaul
India’s airlines are gradually moving beyond the consolidation phase to resolving complex integration and operational issues
Magazine | Sep 20, 2007
Nirmal Menon
Regulations blunt the edge India has in the aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul business
Magazine | Sep 05, 2007
Pummy KaulAnurag Prasad
The current consolidation wave could clear the skies and propel bleeding airlines to a new horizon
Magazine | Jul 05, 2007
Pummy Kaul
The prospects of merchant airports and regional airlines have fired up entrepreneurial imagination, but a long wait on the wing is inevitable
Magazine | Apr 20, 2007
KS Vasanth
Though a small bird in a crowded sky, Paramount Airways finds a space of its own and how!
Magazine | Apr 05, 2007
Pummy Kaul
The take off was easy. But private airlines are getting ready for a rough landing thanks to bad weather and clogged airports
Magazine | Feb 20, 2007
Pummy Kaul
The bloodbath in the sky is far from over, but the Indian aviation sector is slowly evolving into a mature market and ready to soar
Magazine | Nov 20, 2006
Pummy Kaul
Magazine | Nov 20, 2006