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Bina Raj-Debur
Information technology can help companies achieve a lower carbon footprint and reduce costs.
Magazine | Aug 08, 2009
T V Mahalingam
Chronicles of the rise and fall of the Indian software engineer.
Magazine | Jun 27, 2009
Nandita Datta
With outsourcing calls dropping, a question mark hangs over the Indian BPO industry. The big guns have, so far, answered it with elan
Magazine | Mar 21, 2009
Kunal N Talgeri
Banking and North American clients have been the engines on which Cognizant emerged as one of the rising stars in the IT services sector. Today, both are at risk. But the company is still willing to bet on them
Magazine | Dec 27, 2008
Nandita Datta
Three online giants want to shift operating systems and applications from your desktop to the Web. Right now, Microsoft is a cut above
Magazine | Dec 13, 2008
Nandita Datta
The Indian IT services sector is facing a bald truth: how bad will the global financial contagion undermine its revenues and hiring plans
Magazine | Nov 01, 2008
Kunal N Talgeri
IT firms in the auto engineering and design services space are using M&As to buy skills and growth
Magazine | Nov 01, 2008
Nandita Datta
Officially, IT/ITES firms say there’s a slowdown in hiring. Unofficially, they admit, trouble’s brewing
Magazine | Jun 28, 2008
Nandita Datta
Rural BPOs have the potential to transform the employment landscape of Indian villages
Magazine | May 03, 2008
Nandita Datta
The 'gesture keyboard', a keypad-stylus protope designed by HP Labs India, promises to make computing easy for vernacular users
Magazine | May 03, 2008
Nandita Datta
The sun may set on the tax holiday available to IT and ITES companies under the STPI scheme. While large Indian firms can take shelter in SEZs, MNCs and smaller ones will feel the pinch
Magazine | Apr 19, 2008
Nandita Datta
Last time, the US economy stopped, the lights dimmed for Indian IT. Since then, it has changed its code, and is better prepared for a similar slowdown
Magazine | Mar 08, 2008
Nandita Datta
The smiles are getting wider at Satyam-large deals, a robust SAP practice, and more. But can it hold margins?
Magazine | Feb 09, 2008
Kunal N Talgeri
The BPO space has traditionally been the preserve of VCs, PE funds and Big IT. But now, a trinity of Indian business houses are using brute money power to flex their muscles
Magazine | Jan 26, 2008
KS Vasanth
Companies are buying up space in the virtual world to connect with its residents and spy business opportunities
Magazine | Dec 29, 2007
Kunal N Talgeri
The Tatas have built the fourth fastest supercomputer in the world. A look at how they plan to build a business around the machine
Magazine | Dec 15, 2007
Nandita Datta
IBM is using its India operations to experiment with a new organisational model—one that would transform the company from a Western monolith to a global business
Magazine | Sep 05, 2007
Ranjana Kaushal
BPO was India’s story. Now, firms are focusing on marketing, larger deals and end-to-end solutions to stay with the script
Magazine | Jul 05, 2007
Anurag Prasad
From a tech products major to a confused IT company and back to what it does best, developing technology solutions for everybody, HCL has reinvented itself. Mixing aggressiveness with innovation, it is here to stay
Magazine | Jun 05, 2007
Nandita Datta
At the IT divide, beyond the hazy horizon, some players seem definitely more equal than the rest. Here’s a look
Magazine | May 20, 2007