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Feb 07, 2009
Michael Lewis the writer might not be omnipresent in this commentary on financial crises. But Michael Lewis the editor makes up by assembling some of the finest minds and writers on the subject
Cover Story
Once, software was the crowning glory of Indian entrepreneurship. Post-Satyam, it is entrepreneurial failure that may do the sector in
Time is running out. Satyam’s new government-appointed board has to find its lifelines fast
From software, the Satyam investigations are shifting to land. That’s where the real story lies
Anand Mahindra, Vice-Chairman and MD of Mahindra & Mahindra
Kiran Karnik, former Nasscom President and government-appointed director on Satyam
Ex-board member V S Raju recounts how the Satyam chief earned his trust, and then lost it
More commercial investment options and government incentives are critical to fuel growth in the sector
The $500 billion plan to build India is just that: a plan. The private sector doesn’t have money, the state doesn’t have purpose
These three innovation strategies can help companies not only survive the downturn, but also thrive when the good times return
Independent directors and auditors must be given more powers and responsibilities. At the same time, they should be made more accountable
Satyam is a blot on India. If industry-government action stabilises Satyam and leads to governance reforms, it can be India’s redemption
The Loot sells top brands at 25-60% discount to MRP. Yet, it makes a neat margin of 40%
Companies & Industry
Some islands in West Bengal’s Sundarbans have leapfrogged from kerosene to solar power. Mousuni’s story
From schools to backyard ventures to households, solar power is empowering rural India
Cookers, water heaters, lights, electricity...urban India is successfully adapting the myriad applications spawned by solar power
Moser Baer and The Barefoot College are at opposite ends of the spectrum, but they’re both doing their bit to spread solar technology
Rural India has embraced solar power and is willing to pay for it. Yet, adoption is low because of poor financing and lopsided policies
Sunlight can be mankind’s best energy partner for a brighter future. A primer to understand how this energy is created, and more
Companies, prices, technologies, investments and, now, policies...the pieces of a solar ecosystem are slowly coming together. Still, unless India acts with imagination and speed, it could miss the solar bus
Oversupply will see solar module prices fall this year and trigger a shakeout in the industry
Solar energy will create a new class of jobs when they are most needed
Even though oil is down to $35, solar makes sense
Solar power
For years, Indian chess has been all about Viswanathan Anand. He is now making sure it’s more than just about him
Harsh Mariwala, Marico Chairman
Take One
Having been the government’s crisis consultant on many an occasion, he is a good choice to save Satyam
While India is still lumbering on with paperwork, China has started building its strategic reserves with cheap oil
The oil windfall that Gulf countries reaped in the last six years will shield them now
It grew too much, too fast, but with too little capital. Now, the shutters are coming down
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