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May 31, 2008
Antoine Van Agtmael, Founder, Emerging Markets Index, World Bank
David Turner, Chief Financial Officer, Thomson Reuters
Avnish Bajaj, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Matrix Partners India
Arthur Chang, Vice President (Global Sales), Alibaba
Hedging helps commodity producers and consumers to reduce their financial risks related to commodity prices, interest rates and currencies
Export curbs and duty cuts are stop-gap measures to check inflation. The only lasting solution is a big increase in agricultural output
The medical care provided by India’s private hospitals is of a very high standard. However, the customer care leaves a lot to be desired
Much has been said about the vaunted growth of India’s tier-II and tier-III cities. Beyond the hype, however, things aren’t that rosy
Economy & Policy
It’s well-known that China derives its export prowess from a well-oiled manufacturing set-up. What’s not known is that a blatant subsidy system backs it
Effective government action and trickling positive data on jobs and exports suggest the US recession may likely end up less painful than previously thought
Bangalore-based StumpVision is making money by dissecting each delivery bowled in a cricket match down to its finest details
Companies & Industry
Electronic commerce in industrial goods and commodities is thriving in India, and companies are developing innovative business models to tap it
The birth pangs are over. E-trading today forms 30% of NSE volumes, and may rise to 50% in four years
Five companies are weaving together a large portfolio of portals to build a web of dominance in India’s fledgling Internet business space
From Rs 500 crore to Rs 1,300 crore in three years, multiple revenue streams, 20% net margin...
Matrimonial sites are unique to India, and the two main players are profitable
Realistic business models and frugal spending helped some Indian Internet businesses survive the dot-com bust. And now, they are breaking out
Only one travel portal is currently profitable, but there are several others headed in that direction
The Tatas’ second coming in pharma has been low profile and small-scale. Will it try to—and can it—hit the big time?
My IPL learnings: an iconic brand name isn’t enough to guarantee victory, and it’s either her way or no way
The story of a country’s transformation from a ‘begging bowl’ to a ‘breadbasket’
Work-life balance is something we all claim to want. But when we get it, many of us don’t want to be seen enjoying it
Manoj Kohli, President and CEO, Bharti Airtel
Take One
This Indian American has Democrats and Republicans using his election software. Now, he’s in India to convert parties
The currency’s decline is forcing OPEC to turn to stable alternatives such as the euro
The plan of some Asian countries to set up an alternative to the IMF could tilt the balance of power away from the West
IPL team owners are learning that winning matches is key for business success
MTN is Bharti’s key to the lush African market, and more. How it fares in the Dark Continent depends on the deal
The IIP’s plunge of over 10 percentage points is worrying
Patent challenges by Indian pharma companies in the US are on the rise, and many yield a nuisance windfall
Sovereign wealth funds are here to stay, but India isn’t quite ready to have one
Some principles of governance take the backseat in a coalition. Baalu and Ramadoss have ably demonstrated this
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