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Feb 02, 2013
Editor's Note
Billionaire Professor
“Investing in social media companies is like gambling with the odds stacked against you”
Pivot Player
“Failure is a crucial part of innovation — if you can’t fail, you can’t innovate”
Real-time Seer
“We are entering a new exciting era where math is going to trump science”
Valley Veteran
“Being first does not mean things will necessarily fall into place”
The Extender
“Our study shows that 60% of the entrepreneurs are heart-led as they are passionate about the business”
Brand Guru
“The stronger a brand gets in a particular category, the weaker it gets in others”
Change meister
“If your culture doesn’t fit your strategy, it will create huge problems”
Blue Ocean Man
“Whenever a blue ocean is created, competition is rendered irrelevant”
The Reinventor
“The inability to let go is far more damaging than any threat of competition”
Mr. Probability
“Most successful investments are where the odds are against you but, if you succeed, you do in a big way”
King of Bankruptcy
“The US treasury is funding permanent deficits with short term funding”
Fortune Cloner
“Unlike brain surgery, in investing you can be wrong 40% of the time and still do fine”
Twice Thinker
“In investing, there are many ways to fail but there are many ways to succeed too. The key is to have your process in line with your trading behaviour”
Bargain Hunter
“Today, you have to choose between a decent return and total safety”
Sooth Sayer
“Bubbles only burst after the critics of the bubble have been discredited by years of rising prices”
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