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‘Focus On The Healthcare Business’
Clairvoyant Priyanka Sawant takes a look at what’s in store for the Singh brothers, Malvinder and Shivinder
In difficult times, it is best to accept and surrender
Shyam Bhat

United We Stand…Though at times strained, there
will be harmony between the brothers
Cosmic interpretation

Unlike the Ambani brothers, the Singh brothers make for a great combination, especially when it comes to running their business. While big brother Malvinder is good at understanding the big picture and conceptualising, the younger sibling, Shivinder, is more of an execution guy with good management abilities. But both the brothers have drawbacks. Malvinder tends to become laid back at times and lets others run the show, while Shivinder is emotional and easily upset if things don’t work out. Malvinder needs to get more involved so that he is better prepared in a crisis situation, whereas Shivinder needs to constructively address issues rather than get too negative. Growth for them in the business will be slow and steady. They should avoid venturing out into new businesses where they lack competence.

What the crystal ball warns

Don’t take too many risks in other businesses and instead concentrate on building the healthcare empire.

Angels advice

Malvinder: Reach for the stars but don’t compromise; Shivinder: Consider others’ point of view in a conflict.

Will the financial services business work for the Singh brothers?

Unlikely. The strategy that was initially envisaged hasn’t panned out. Even though they have invested a lot in the business, returns haven’t been commensurate enough. A better option would be to exit the business by selling their stakes. If they continue to run the business on their own, it will be a big drain on group resources.

What’s in store for the healthcare business?

Healthcare is a much better business for the brothers. Though they have operations overseas, the opportunity to grow the business in India is immense. Unlike overseas, there is room to improve the quality of services in India and, in fact, the medical tourism space should be targeted aggressively through a strong branding pitch. More importantly, it would be better if the company consolidates its entire healthcare portfolio under the main brand of Fortis, rather than operate in different geographies through different names. Expanding overseas through joint ventures would be beneficial rather than going solo.

Will the brothers work together or will they split?

There will be differences of opinion between the two but that will not lead to an acrimonious split. Since they are managing distinct portfolios within the organisation, there will be no pressure-cooker situation that build up between the siblings and that will keep the two going.

In difficult times, it is best to accept and surrender
Shyam Bhat
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