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  • Starbucks has chosen to position itself at the premium end rather than taking its rival Café Coffee Day head-on in the affordable segment. Will this pose challenges as the coffeehouse scales up?
    Krishna Gopalan
  • The stock market has run ahead of economic realities in anticipation of a Narendra Modi-led government. But, as history shows, the momentum can’t be sustained
    U R Bhat
  • 389 news channels and 815 million voters is an irresistible combination for political parties — and broadcasters and outdoor media firms are only too happy
    Krishna Gopalan
  • Sun Pharma’s $4-billion gambit of buying out the crisis-ridden ranbaxy will bring its fair share of challenges
    Kripa Mahalingam
Phone Shopping, Here And Now
Mobile transactions are taking off in India and e-commerce companies are pulling out all stops to make it easier for customers to splurge
Clog Of The Town
Crocs is heading to smaller cities, but is retaining its plastic-but-posh positioning
No Defence
Whether you assume an economic revival or a slump post-election, one thing is certain: defensives will disappoint
C'est la vie
The Good Life
Bidding For Baubles
Two jewellery auctions — in Mumbai and Hong Kong — are using emeralds, rubies and diamonds to redefine the idea of giving till it hurts
History tells us, if you are indulging in stocks, you can ignore the seemingly improbable outcomes only at your own peril.
N Mahalakshmi
guest lecture
How success doesn’t come from extraordinary things
Azim H. Premji
Photo feature
Elections are usually full of colour and drama and the 16th general election is no different
Sunil Bhatia, MD & CEO, Blue Star Infotech, on five ways to minimise attrition
Sunil Bhatia